Setting up FoxTrot Server with a self-signed certificate

Step-by-step guide if you wish to trust a FoxTrot Server with a self-signed certificate:

- in the Connect dialog, click the "Trust…" button

- in the "Verify Certificate" dialog, click "Show Certificate"

- in the expanded "Verify Certificate" dialog, click "Always trust…"

- type the administrator password to allow changing trust in the user's Keychain

- if necessary, cancel the connect dialog, then connect to the server again: the server should now be trusted

If the self-signed certificate is renewed on the server (which could happen if you unsuccessfully try to install a custom certificate, for example), then of course the clients that have manually trusted the previous certificate won't trust the new one. Probably same thing if the server's computer name (as set in the sharing system preference) has changed.

1- connect dialog
2- certificate
3- expanded certificate
4- admin password
5- new connect dialog