FoxTrot Search Server For Windows installation

Initial setup of FoxTrot Search Server for Windows

Copy the entire "FoxTrot Search Server" folder to the "Program Files" folder

If OpenSSL is not installed on your machine, install it:

Double-click "Visual C++ 2008 Redistribuable x86.exe"

Then double-click "Win32OpenSSL_Light-0_9_8j.exe"

When asked where to copy OpenSSL DLLs, choose "The Windows system directory"

If Bonjour is not installed on your machine, install it by double-clicking "Bonjour 1.0.6 Setup.exe"

Double-click "FoxTrot Search Server Controller.bat"

type "c" then enter, to setup the basic configuration

type the login name and password that will be used to configure FoxTrot Search Server, locally or remotely, using FoxTrot Search Admin

if FoxTrot Search Server needs to be accessed from outside the Bonjour network area (which is typically the local network area), type the fixed TCP/IP port number to use. If you don't use the suggested one (50000), clients and remote admin will need to specify the port number when connecting, using the syntax "hostname:port". If you only need to access FoxTrot Search Server from the local network, use a variable port number by specifying 0.

type "s" to start FoxTrot Search Server

type "q" to quit "FoxTrot Search Server Controller".

Starting FoxTrot Search Server at Windows login

Drag "FTServerStarter.exe" from the "FoxTrot Search Server Components" folder to the "Startup" folder of the "All Programs" folder of the Start menu. You can then open the properties of the created shortcut, to run it in a minimized window.

Starting FoxTrot Search Server manually

If it is not configured to start at login, or if it has been quit, you can launch FoxTrot Search Server manually using the "s" command of "FoxTrot Search Server Controller" or, if initial setup has already be done, simply by executing "FTServerStarter" from the "FoxTrot Search Server Components" folder.

Configuring FoxTrot Search Server

To configure FoxTrot Search Server, use the "FoxTrot Search Admin" application on Mac OS X. You can configure your server locally or remotely.

Quitting FoxTrot Search Server

To quit FoxTrot Search Server, use FoxTrot Search Admin, select the server to quit, and click "Quit…" in the "Software" pane.

You can also force-quit it using "FoxTrot Search Server Controller"

None of these methods will disable starting FoxTrot Search Server at login, if it is configured to do so

Uninstalling FoxTrot Search Server

Using FoxTrot Search Admin, delete all the indices (use the menu of the gear button at the bottom of the indices list).

On Mac OS X, this will automatically disable the startup of FoxTrot Search Server at login. On Windows, manually remove FTServerStarter from the "Startup" folder of the "All Programs" folder of the Start menu.

In FoxTrot Search Admin, select the server to quit, and click "Quit…" in the "Software" pane

You can delete FoxTrot's settings files in the "FoxTrot Server" folder, located in "My Documents"