Multiple Indices

Different kinds of data have distinct requirements for access and update. Reference material may be reindexed manually every fortnight, while frequently updated portions of your Documents or Mail folder may be best served with hourly reindexing.

By enabling the creation of distinct indexes for distinct "worlds" of data, FoxTrot Professional also lets you choose which context(s) to search within.

To create multiple indices, select the "Manage Indices…" menu item from the File menu, and click on the "+" icon at the bottom of the list. You will first be prompted for a location to store your new index; unless you have good reasons to store it elsewhere, we recommend that you keep the default location for sake of future simplicity.

The index should automatically start; proceed to the Indexed Data pane then check the predefined locations and/or add custom folders with the "+" icon.


- when an index is not started, only the Configuration and Sharing panes are available.

- Multiple indices is the way to segment different data "worlds" in which to selectively search; by avoiding overlap in your indexed data, you will optimize not only your search speed but also the quality of your future result categorization, targeting and previews