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An introduction to FoxTrot

CTM FoxTrot search products share the belief that less is more: fewer search results can mean greater relevance and satisfaction. Precision searching means first returning searches that match exactly your search terms, then enabling you you to "zero in" on the documents you need,

There arethree typical stepsin using FoxTrot:

1. Build a search indexfor the specific folders containing your data only. Remember that less data indexed means higher satisfaction; avoid indexing entire hard disks since these will contain tens of thousands of irrelevant non-document files (system, library and application files).

2. Enter precise search terms for the query: unlike tools such as Spotlight, which treat your initial typing as an approximate query, FoxTrot will look for exactly what you typed, unless you explicitly use wildcard characters

3. Refine the list of found items using categorization: Instead of first defining the exact criteria for the searched document (with the risk of overloading the query with irrelevantcriteriathat have no matches) FoxTrot will present both a list of all matching hits, and a set of selectable categories to narrow down the list to a manageable quantity.

FoxTrot Personal Search main window

FoxTrot Personal Search main window

Gettting started

Do not attempt to launch directly from the disk image -copy the FoxTrot application from the disk image into your Applications folder.Upon first launching FoxTrot, you will be prompted to get started by indexingonefolder. For instant gratification, choose a moderately-sized folder containing PDF, HTML, Word or text files that contain keywords you are familiar with.

FoxTrot will comb through the folder and its sub-folders seeking eligible files to index, and will show progress in building your first index. When done with the first indexing process, you will be able to go on to searching.

Which locations do I need for my index to include e-mail messages and attachments, Address Book, iCal events, Safari Bookmarks and other metadata ?

We recommend adding at least the following folders to the data to be indexed:

CTM PowerMail:/Users/MyUserName/Mail/PowerMail\ Files

Apple Mail:/Users/MyUserName/Library/Mail and/Users/MyUserName/Library/Mail Downloads

Apple Address Book:/Users/MyUserName/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Metadata




Preview pane

Preview pane